3 Simple Social Media Marketing Hacks

Social Media Marketing

3 Simple Social Media Marketing Hacks

You’ve probably heard that social media marketing is a great way to get small businesses in front of more people. But how do you know what to post?

Social media can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know which posts will go viral or not. That’s why we’re here!

We have 3 ridiculously simple Social Media Marketing Hacks that will help you grow your following and generate more revenue for your business.


  • Consistent Content
  • Consistent Images
  • Conversational

What is social media marketing?

When businesses look at the best ways to advertise their businesses, social media sites often come up as the top choice! This is because of how cheap, easy, and highly rewarding they can be!

Social media marketing is a term that refers to the use of Social Networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to market a product or service.

Social media marketing is defined as “a process for drawing in potential customers using social media channels to create interest, educate about products/services, promote loyalty and make sales.”

We will give you 3 Simple Social Media Marketing Hacks to help grow your social media platform.

Should I have a social media marketing strategy?

Having a proper strategy before you begin posting on Social Networking Sites will help ensure that your business doesn’t fall flat when it comes to this new form of advertising! This is because there are some golden rules for each network that must be adhered to; if these aren’t followed, then growth can stagnate.

Social Media Marketing

What makes an excellent social media strategy?

A great social media strategy should set out the aims and objectives of the businesses use of social media sites. Then you or your marketing department should write down and create a digital marketing plan for your social channels.

The plan will set out how your business wants to achieve those goals and objectives that you think will provide a range of benefits such as increased brand awareness, more site traffic and more lead generations.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to making a great social media strategy, but research and consistency will help to guide your social channels into a success!

How should you attract a social media following?

To attract social media users, gain social followers, and dig deep into your target audience, we recommend using a blend of all your social accounts to promote items such as a new blog post, visual content or video content promote your small business.

Don’t stumble down the Social Media Rabbit Hole – Neil Patel

Hack number 1

Our first simple and easy to follow hack is to be consistent with your social media accounts.

Managing your social media can take a lot of time out of your day, but when users are exposed to regular content, they can become familiar with your social media posts and are more likely to start engaging with your social media networks.

Whenever you set out on your social media plan, it is critical to write down how often you want to post, when are your posting times and to which social media platforms your curated content will be posted.

For example, you may want to post every Sunday at 5 pm on Facebook so that your potential customers and clients can start their week thinking of your business.

Hack Number 2

The second hack we suggest is also to be consistent with the choice of imagery and language that you use on your social channels.

When a user looks at your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, they should be able to recognize that it is your brand! This means using a similar design and theme across all the platforms.

When developing your own social media flavour, remember that you have already spent time and money developing content such as your logo and name. Use your logo as inspiration and choose a colour pallet that represents it well.

The use of imagery and language can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to social media marketing. Still, we assure you that this hack will make such an impact on your business!

Hack Number 3

When businesses move onto social platforms to advertise their products and services, they often forget that social media is that! Social!

Social media users spend so much time connecting with friends, families and communities on social media that it is essential as a business to get a loyal fan base.

One way of doing this quickly and effectively is by actively engaging with your existing customers. Social media makes this easy for you to do by keeping up-to-date on their activities and offering them incentives to engage back with your business!

A hidden bonus of engaging with your customers shows them that they aren’t just meaningless social profiles to you, and the algorithms will push your content to more users, meaning you get more engagement on your posts.

It will also help get more views on your social channels because users are always keen to see what other people are saying about brands they like.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing is so important because it allows businesses to get in front of a potential customer at the exact time that they are looking for your products or services.

For modern businesses, a good social media presence is nearly, if not more important than a physical location. This is because social media platforms are the new bricks and mortar for businesses and brands in today’s economy.

This means that simply ignoring the online presence will only leave your business fighting for customers whilst the competition soars ahead.

Make the most of your social media platforms.

These 3 simple hacks that can be applied in minutes yet give huge effects in terms of marketing exposure through social networking sites! The key thing here is consistency. We recommend writing down these hacks into an actionable strategy document before you begin posting.

Is outsourcing your social media management right for you?

Social media activities are complicated, time-consuming and can distract you from your business. If you need extra help identifying the right audience and encourage people to build relationships with your business, then we can help.

Outsourcing your management can help you to save time, get the most engagement through more exposure and build compelling social media content.

With plans starting as little as $45, we are excited to work with you in developing a comprehensive social media plan that works for you. Reach out to us today. We can turn your consistent posting into consistent revenue streams for your growing business.

Social Media Marketing Hacks
Social Media Marketing Hacks
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