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Conversion Rates
source: unbounce

The average conversion rate for a landing page across lead generation type businesses is 4.02%. As a website development agency our goal is to get our clients a 10-12% conversion rate.


This comes from OPTIMIZING!


Key factors in an optimized website?

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Clear Headlines
  • Strong Calls to Action
  • User Friendly Website Design
  • Reduced Distractions

It’s incredibly important for website traffic, be it paid or organic, to have a clear path on what the landing page is designed to do. And then have the user execute that path.


The average bounce rate is 47%. This means that almost 1 in 2 visitors leave landing pages before really understand who and what a brand is all about.


With these metrics (47% bounce rate and 4% conversion rate) …


If you have 100 landing page visitors, only 53 will read through the content. From those 53 if you have only 2 will trigger a conversion. This could be a lead, download, call to a business etc.


BUT with a 10% conversion rate for every 100 visitors you can expect 5 Leads…

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