Facebook is the biggest social media channel in the world,

but it’s also one of the most competitive.

Our Facebook advertising agency has the necessary skills and expertise to create Facebook ads that will reach your target audience. Facebook is one of the most successful social media platforms out there today – so why not take advantage of it?

Social Media Marketing
SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency
SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re not using paid advertising on Facebook yet, you are leaving money on the table!

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Our Experience

Pays For Itself!

We create effective ad campaigns that will boost your conversion rates and drive traffic to your website or sales page. Our team has experience with all types of businesses from online coaches to brick-and-mortar stores, giving us the insider knowledge necessary for a successful marketing strategy. Over 5 years our team managed hundreds of thousands in advertising spend dollars which generated OVER $4 million revenue for clients!

SocialManas Digital Marketing Agency

We transform Facebook Ads

into a strategic marketing tool for your business.

SocialManas is a premiere marketing agency specializing in diverse industries such as health and wellness, coaching, and finance – with proven expertise in Facebook advertising. We put your messaging right where it needs to be for those who matter most: In front of the people you want to sell to!


SocialManas partners with businesses that we know will yield stellar results. We’re not right for everyone, but if you’re looking to take your marketing efforts from good to great then let us audit your existing campaigns and find areas where our expertise can make a measurable difference in achieving success – together!

What makes a successful campaign?

Creative. Offer. Sales Funnel.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Hey I don’t have the time to figure this out and it doesn’t matter how it happens as long as we make sales!” (BTW, those are our perfect clients)


Don’t worry! SocialManas will work with you on developing awesome promotional content for your ads that converts leads into customers while advising what offers are sure fire hits. We’ll get your traffic to click “buy now”.

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The secret to getting more sales from Facebook ads