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Facebook Business Manager Guide

Facebook Business Manager

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Understanding the Facebook Business Manager.

What is the Facebook Business Manager?


The Facebook Business Manager is an extremely powerful FREE tool that business owners should be utilizing as part of their marketing strategy.


The Facebook Business Manager does a few things that are important to understand.

  • Provides an overview of all your marketing channels
  • Let’s you set user permissions and roles for your advertisers and page managers without sharing passwords
  • Lets you create campaign objectives, ad sets and creatives in one place
  • Adds analytics tools for assessing data on campaigns


How Do I Set It Up Correctly? Setting up the FBBM (Facebook Business Manager) can be confusing if it’s not done correctly. There are several steps to setup correctly so make sure you follow these when setting up:

The first step is to create your Facebook Business Manager account.


We STRONGLY SUGGEST the owner of the business to create the Facebook Business Manager account.


This way you have access to all the controls for running ads on Facebook as well as any other websites or apps that have connected Access your Facebook Business Manager account.


To do this head to business.facebook.com and click the “Create Account” button in the top right corner. You’ll need a business email address, which is usually your company’s domain name with @ in front.


Follow each step through the wizard and fill out all of your business information.


You will then receive an email from Facebook with a link to set up your password.


To do this click on “Create Password” in the email, enter your desired password twice and hit submit!


The next step is giving permissions to any employees who might need access for managing ads or general administration purposes. To do this go back into Business Settings -> Users -> Add. You’ll need to type in the email address of the person you want to give access to.


After you’ve added a user you can now assign which levels of access to and access to different Facebook Pages, Ad Accounts and Pixels.


Most advertising agencies WILL need administrative access at the beginning to make sure everything is set up correctly. Staff members who manager your page should only need employee access.

The second step is adding your Facebook Page into the Business Manager account.


To do this head to settings -> Pages -> Add a Page


For most business that are NOT managing multiple accounts but just their own the best practice here is to “Add a Page”.


Because we already suggested that the owner create the business manager account, you should be an admin to the page you’re trying to pull in.


You can start typing the name of your Facebook Page. The system should start to populate pages that you manage.


Select the correct page and follow the prompts.

If you’ve ever wondered how do you add an admin to a facebook page?


You will do this inside this section of the FBBM. Head to Business Settings -> People -> ADD. Enter the users email address and what you want them to have access to. Facebook will send an email to that user.


And that is how to accept advertiser access on facebook.

The third step is creating your Facebook Advertising account.


Your facebook ad account number INSIDE your Facebook business manager is VERY different than your account you’ve used to “boost posts”.


This new advertising account will allow you to create extremely strategic ad campaigns which *can* create leads and sales.


To do this go to business settings -> facebook advertising and click on the button that says create an account.


Select your country then enter a name for your company or organization. Next enter the phone number you want ads posted to, email address where you want to receive notifications from Facebook Ads Manager and finally in what currency will be used when running campaigns (USD). You can NOT change the currency once selected and submitted.

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If you’ve ever wondered what is my facebook ad account id?


You can find that by heading to Business Settings -> Accounts -> Ad Accounts -> it will show you the Ad Account ID in blue.


Understanding the analytics inside your Facebook Ad Account can be extremely complicated. It’s best to leave this to your marketing partners to help explain what the metrics mean to your business specifically.

The fourth step is creating your Facebook Pixel.


The Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that is placed on your website, and it allows Facebook pages to assign content in News Feeds.


In order to create the Pixel:

  1. Go into Business Settings -> Select Data Sources -> Pixels from left hand side menu -> Click on Create A New Pixel.
  2. Name Your PIXEL (ex business name pixel) then paste your Website URL and hit continue.
  3. The system will prompt you to either install the code manually or send to your website developer.
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If you’ve ever wondered how to share facebook pixel with another business manager


You can do that by heading to Business Settings -> Data Sources -> Pixels. Select the Pixel you want to share. Click Open Events Manger in the upper right hand corner. Once this new page opens select the Pixel you want to share and hit settings. You MUST have full business manager admin access to move forward. At this point you can select “Share With a Business”. Follow the rest of the prompts. A best practice here can also be to provide another business manager Partner Permissions.

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Remember each tool you create inside your Facebook Business Manager account (Page, Ad Account, Pixel etc) you will need to assign permissions for.


The difference between facebook business manager vs ads manager is that the ads manager lives inside the business manager account. The business manager account lets you connect your Facebook assets and assign permissions.


The Facebook Business Manager is an extremely powerful tool that business owners should be utilizing as part of their marketing strategy.


If properly setting this up feels too complicated we do offer this as a service. Contact our team here to set that up and experience the difference!


Let us help you manage your social media accounts so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. We’re always happy to answer any questions about how it works or why we think it’s important for every modern company, big or small, to have a presence on Facebook.

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