This Tool is CHANGING the Way We Create Content

This Tool is CHANGING the Way We Create Content


The content creation process is a struggle for content creators, and content creators are exhausted.

It’s time to try something new! You can have personalized content that will be valuable to your audience with . This tool allows you to create content from the questions people ask about different products and services. Once you answer these questions, you can create content that speaks directly to the person who created the question- this means your content will be more valuable because it’s personalized!

Increase your visibility with personalized content


  • You will finally understand what people want to know about your product and get the word out there with content that is relevant, personalized, and searchable.
  • Create compelling content for yourself or your clients that resonates with potential customers and gets them excited to purchase from you!
  • We’re able to give you a better understanding of what products or services people are most interested in by giving us some input on the topic we should research.
  • Get ahead of your competition with fresh and highly relevant content not available anywhere else!

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Erin Martin from SocialManas here.


And I’m wanting to introduce you to this amazing new tool that we’ve just discovered. I know it’s crazy, right? That we’ve just discovered this. But this tool is helping us understand what questions people are asking about different products and services.

And it’s really a tool that’s revolutionizing how we are creating content for ourselves and for our clients, and just finding inspiration of what people want answers to. Right? If we can provide answers and value to people, that’s going to help solidify us as the expert or the authority in the space.

So this is a freaking amazing tool, you guys, and if you haven’t liked and subscribe our channel yet, make sure you do that below because we’re going to continue to bring you some amazing value. But this tool, let me just move my face out of the way, it’s called and you can use this tool for free and you get one to two queries a day. So you use your search tool wisely and sparingly, but every day you can come back and come up with some new information and new questions. So I’m going to use intermittent fasting as what people are asking about. And this tool, you guys, is powered by Google, Google searches. Google is the end all, be all of where somebody goes to find an answer to a question. You Google it, right? So this is all powered and driven by Google. So if we just want to learn more about what people are asking about intermittent fasting, we’re just going to click the search button here, and it’s going to populate a lot of different things here. And there’s going to be several different sections to visit here. But here are 76 questions about intermittent fasting, and it comes up with this really cool visual wheel for those of us who are visual creatures, you can also do it by lists. So, and then it breaks up to these questions. So you can come up with quick and easy 76 different pieces of content that you can create your Facebook posts about, your blog posts about, other social content about, email marketing about, right? And then you can repurpose all of those different things that you create to all of your different channels and platforms. But these, I mean, look at this. Which intermittent fasting is best for me? Boom. That’s a really amazing one. What intermittent fasting should I do? Cause there’s several different types of intermittent fasting. Can intermittent fasting cause diseases, weight gain constipation? All of these crazy things like, this is great content. And this is what people are asking Google. So this is also going to help you with Search Engine Optimization because these are high questions with a lot of queries behind them. So the more people are questioning this specific thing, is intermittent fasting effective? If you can create content around that, Google will look at that question and search query and elevate your Search Engine Optimization. So that’s a really great tool. Here’s propositions, here’s your another visual, right? So, and then it also breaks it down by list, intermittent fasting for women, intermittent fasting for weight loss. Here’s more content that you can create around that one easy topic. And again, you guys look at all this information that you’re getting for free. It’s just an incredible tool and it’s just so powerful. Comparisons, you can compare. Here’s another visual, right? Data, you can break it down into lists, intermittent fasting or keto chat is a gold mine of a, like a question starter, right? You can start, what’s better for me, intermittent fasting or keto? Amazing. Guys, this is a free tool. I invite you to make sure you bookmark this tool and check it out for yourself. And I’d love to see what kind of results you get from using this tool. Go forth and create that content.

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